Our Wealth Management and Financial Planning Process

We take a holistic approach to managing both your wealth management and financial planning with our clients.

Our best client relationships are built during a collaborative, effective communication process and the implementation of your goals and dreams.

Initial Meetings and Discovery

Initial Meetings and Discovery

Initial meetings are designed to obtain a deep understanding of a client’s views on risk, investment approach and views on loss and investment purposewho, what and why they are investing?  During this initial stage of discovery, we focus on defining a client’s life priorities.  Then we have clients complete an investor risk tolerance questionnaire designed to assist with identifying their true risk tolerance and time horizon.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial Planning and Analysis

Planning is arguably the most critical element of wealth management.  During this step, we help clients establish individual and family objectives for education spending, cash flow management, tax and retirement planning.  We assist clients with putting together a comprehensive inventory of financial resources so they understand their complete financial picture. 

Portfolio Construction and On-Going Management.

Portfolio Construction and On-Going Management.

The third and final step is recommending and implementing the investment portfolio with client-appropriate risk parameters.  The process doesn’t end with portfolio implementation.  As a fiduciary, we continue to monitor your portfolio and perform the following services, always putting your financial well-being first.

o    Manager and strategy selection

o    Asset allocation design

o    Portfolio rebalancing

o    Tax-loss harvesting

o    Monitoring and portfolio maintenance

o    Consolidated performance reporting

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